Shootin' the Breeze

Ryan Rablin

Ryan loves long walks on the beach and phone calls with his mother. When he's not shootin' the breeze, he spends his time baking unique cakes and pastries.

Tim Grossklaus

Tim is the producer, editor, and co-host of all podcasts on the STB network. He lives a quiet life of leisure with his wife Beth and their dog Spencer in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Ashely Bolkcom

Ashley is a baseball geek who loves exploring Minnesoootah, cooking, yoga, bargain shopping and singing in the car... loudly.

Current news producer/Future Martha Stewart (sans that whole going to jail thing).

Beth Grossklaus

Beth is a soprano studying for her doctorate at the University of Minnesota. She's lucky enough to be married to Tim. When she can stay awake, we're lucky enough to be joined by her on STB.


Joshland Unfiltered

Josh Mogren

Josh Mogren is a thirty-something year old man who writes a blog, co-hosts a podcast, plays with a puppet named Moganko, sings a little bit and likes to make people happy.

Oh yeah, and he has a genetic disease called cystic fibrosis that affects the respiratory and digestive system.

Through the Joshland Unfiltered Podcast, he hopes to engage the CF Community in thought-provoking, eye opening discussions on topics that affect the happily aging adults that are living and succeeding with a pain the ass genetic abnormality.



Michelle Los

Michelle has a love of live music. She brought this love to the MinnesoTunes podcast. Her passion made this show possible. We are very proud of the shows we produced.